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EHYEH translated from the Hebrew bible is 'I AM". This is the name G-D gave Moses in Exodus 3:14 when he asked HIS name!!!

G-D gave me this name while I was praying about this company. HE told me they're so many people that want validation, especially from man. People sit on their gifts and anointing bound in fear and insecurity because they're waiting on a person and/or people to validate them!!! Then HE reminded me of Exodus 3:14 when Moses asked G-D what shall he say to the Israelites and HE said, "I AM has sent me to you!" I heard EHYEH say tell the people that's all the validation they need!!! Tell every naysayer, I AM SENT YOU!!!!

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Downtown Columbus, GA

Downtown Columbus, GA

We have a virtual store but look at the beautiful city we live in.


Love the inspirational statements and am very encouraged just by looking at them.

Love the encouragement

Exceptional quality and vibrant colors.

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